Europ Europ i andre medier: 001

Here's a translation for you:

"In 10 years, the Dutch label Enfant Terrible construct himself a solid reputation with the fans of electro music minimal, and experimental new wave. To celebrate this birthday, Martijn Van Gessel collected a little selection of friends and artists which participate in the adventure, old like the German duo of minimal synth Solitude FX, and recently signings like the Norwegians Europ Europ or the Swedish Saralunden with her indie pop project The New Age. The tracks are varied, often catchy, good representation of the spirit of the label. The Turkish duo Kim Ki O offer a wonderful synth cold wave track with "Sorular Değişti", his typical bass et the sing deliciously ethereal and shoegaze. Same type of sound was developped with the belgium project Family Jewels and his "Liste préfé rentielle" , the melody is perfect, slightly disillusioned. Like Europ Europ and thier intimist ritual, Neugeborene Nachtmusic take ways more experimentals and cinematographic even if the tools are minimal and electronics. Among other notable tracks of this collection of artists, it should also be noted "A Fire inside" of Sololust, dancing, mysterious and elegant. It's also the spirit of under label Grooiland Elektro which show here, accentuing by the prense of Kord and Former Descent. we hang less on the proposals of these two projects, but everything is still a very good standard and can be sided with previous compilations equally recommendable like Radio resistencia, Kamp Holland, Festival Der genialen dissidenten or the OST Exploitation."
- Mäx Lachaud, 78%.

thanx to Greg for the translation

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