Europ Europ i andre medier: 002

Here is Mäx Lachaud again:

Page 92: "Side in Enfant Terrible, the range of possibilities widens with 2 diametrically opposed disk. Europ Europ is an experimental Norwegian project than the story started in 1996! On Mellowharsher, they offer a music deeply dark, haunting and hypnotic, where the minimal organ notes or of violin are invitation to cathartic state near the rite and the trance. But we are not in a dark ambient music. The lo-fi sound and granular looks like music composed by autistic patients under sedative confined in a psychiatric hospital. When singing arrives, the band reached an emotionnal dimension particulary melancolic and plaintive with very good results (the songs "Presciption Drugs" and "This Song Makes Me Cry" alone warrant the purchase of vinyl). Miles away these gloomy atmosphere, Les années folles is a tribute to the fever nights when everything is possible on the dancefloor. hymn to the night and the body wriggling in a burst of life a utopian fantasizing eternity, this compilation is the occasion to launch the under label Groïland Electro, directly axed on synth-pop, new wave and italo-disco. The choice of the bands is very relevant. We start with the sensual electro wave of sololust with the wonderful voice of Peter Baarends. Another magic voice : Tobias Bernstrup, like Fad Gadget, offers to us a new version of his italian hit "Images of Love". We can add the black disco of Gold Zebra or Velvet Condom., and the taste for erotic female voices of Cute Heels feat, Devon Disaster or Terminal Twilight and we obtain the quota of decadent sexuality required for hot summer nights." by Mäx Lachaud, 80% (2012).

thanx to Greg for the translation

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