Illustrations by A-Lo
There are many, no doubt, on whom the effect of natural beauty is to intensify feeling, to deepen melancholy, as well as to raise the spirits.

Europ Europ's passionate love for nature, so amply fed by the beauty of the scenes around them, intensifies the emotions, as all keen perception of beauty does.

We speak of the pleasure which nature and art and music give us.

Something passes into us which makes our sorrows more sorrowful, our joys more joyful, - our whole life more vivid.

How long they have enjoyed the wonders of the nature; never, I honestly believe, alone; because when man is not with them, they have companions in every bee, and flower and pebble.

In the romances of the Middle Ages we read of knights who loved, and were loved by, nature spirits. Such times have passed away, but better ones have come: not with money or titles, horses and carriages, but with excitement and peace of mind.

Happy are we who flock around Europ Europ: to us the seasons come around like old friends; and as each year fades away, we look back on a fresh store of memories.