On movements vs nature:

What glare of fires, and roar of popular tumult, and sounds of good or bad, have come sweeping over the wild plain where nothing is now heard but the wind.

Whenever the damages have been rewarded, after having been well cut off from what we've learned might be an abyss, I'm sure that the conditions of carrying any troublesome thoughts are such that those who believe in our way of living are fit to the utmost capacity of endurance.

Possibly further light may be thrown upon us. If we set out with an ideal to re-live every youthful dream once considered obscure, but alas, eventually crosssing the realm into mainstream activities, we might grow nobler and better under the operations of our own system: A good man generally feels that he can afford to be magnanimous and pitiful in proportion to his everyday victories.

We somehow live among those things - in those very winds.

Illustrations by A-Lo