10 ~ October ~ 2010

Etch Wear + TOT proudly presents catalogue no. EW 24 :

Available now at Tiger, Shadowland, Big Dipper and Filter, Oslo / Norway record-stores ...

Europ Europ are playing live friday october 15th and live versus LoGre (FRA) saturday 16th at 'Fête de la Courge' Festival in Rhone Alpes / France ... Europ Europ

05 ~ August ~ 2010

Our summer vacation is soon over, been a great one ... The shows with LoGre, Izakaya Heartbeat and Star Bug was a real success, and later this year Etch Wear will do some shows in France related to Conspiracy "2 ... the fanzine and 12" are available through Musikkoperatørene..

Last week, we attended the Kvae Festival in Låssbyn, Sweden, an open field festival with camping, and loads of great shows, including : Europ Europ, Star Bug, Izakaya Heartbeat, Far From Tellus, Epikurs Euforie, Burning Brigantines, Mindy Misty, Laconic Zero, London Butoh Asylum +++

There are videos from the festival on Facebook and You Tube ...

We will be back with exciting news once summer is over, see you !

04 ~ May ~ 2010

... our letraset slave O ~ E ~ P made us a flyer for the party the 29th of may ;

and a poster

If you`re on facebook, check out the event here

Etch Wear on facebook

07 ~ April ~ 2010

yes siry ... new releases in our discography ... events updated ... our muzac side updated with our new bands ... new images here and there and everywhere... all new, all fresh, all for you ... go mental in our navigation system on the left side ... ENJOY !!!

BTW, now we`re on Facebook as well ...

Updates on the release-party for 'the Conspiracy issue 2' fanzine/comix/12"-compilation ;

Etch Wear and Handmade Records invites you to;
LoGre /// Izakaya Heartbeat /// Starbug ///
Gloria Flames

29th of May, 21:00, 20yrs, no CC

Hosts :
Dj`s aus Europ Europ Spinning vinyls : minimal synth ~ catchy noiz ~ rough disco ~ cold wave & fuck-you! techno ....

01 ~ March ~ 2010

aye, a new year already, march already you say ? HA HA HA .. you should know by now not to trust Etch Wear time-scheduals, and/or promises, so you probably shouldn`t trust this, but;

News update; we have mastered the conspiracy # 2 compilation ... now it`s printed in Germany and on it`s way through mail ... because of time limitations vs. 7" format, this time the enclosed vinyl with issue #2 will be a 45 rpm 12" maxi single :

tracklist A:
1. (intro) 'only 21'* by Dj`s aus Europ Europ
2. Mindy Misty 'arctic oscillation'
3. Izakaya Heartbeat 'euphoric riot'
4. Starbug 'bad boy blue'
1. Epilektrician 'lilac retreats'
2. LoGre 'un mal nécessaire'
3. Son Tarjeiav 'the throne'
4. (outro) 'bingo'* by Dj`s aus Europ Europ

* = 'only 21' and 'bingo' are remixed excerpts taken from 'picking up girls with europ europ' by Europ Europ, and specially made for this compilation
compilation mastered by Kenny G + Chacka Chacka 2010

EW pitch 19 pro ~ 50 copies black label 12" promo
(may 2010; EW 19 ~ Fanzine + 12" ~ 200 copies art label 12" with cardboard sleeve + 32 page black/white fanzine inc. articles on the bands featured on the 12" + comix by Roy Amundsen)

There will be a release party/ Handmade Records + Etch Wear label-night, with
Izakaya Heartbeat, LoGre and Dj`s aus Europ Europ in Oslo ... location and date TBA

LoGre /// Izakaya Heartbeat /// Dj`s aus Europ Europ
Spinning vinyls : minimal synth ~ catchy noiz ~ rough disco ~ cold wave & fuck-you! techno ....
... it`s the sad cafe, it`s the fun fun disco ... it`s members of Europ Europ spinning vinyls at your local venue ... you`ll dance, it`s guaranteed, and cry too if it happens to you ...


Also, while we`re waiting for the new Europ Europ album, we have printed a 7" with the two classix tracks 'too much tobacco (say no)' and 'the sad cafe', be aware of brutal bass; Europ Europ`s analogue recordings kicks ass on vinyl !

EW pitch 23 pro ~ 22 copies O ~ E ~ P designed promos
EW 23-1 ~ 99 band D.I.Y. sleeve/label designed copies, no 99 alike
EW 23-2 ~ 99 copies in silk-screen printed cardboard sleeves

Our discography page will be updated as soon as the cover arts are finished, scanned and 7" officially released :-)

[btw, update your bookmarks; Europ Europ`s fanpage can now be found at www.europeurop.com , but of course if you prefer, you can still click your way through our site by using the navigation system located left, and find the fanpage]

Yours truly, mr.Wearman

23 ~ October ~ 2009

News at last, we are mastering the conspiracy # 2 ~7" asap ... inc. Son Tarjeiav, Mindy Misty, Epilektrican, Starbug, LoGre, Izakaya Heartbeat and narrated by Dj`s aus Europ Europ ... stay tuned ... 33,3 rpm and comix

23 ~September ~ 2009

Post 2009 mini tour update

Mindy Misty vs Europ Europ, Handmade Records and Etch Wear, would like to thank everyone that helped out on the tour, all the venues, their staff, the soundmen, the support acts, all the nice homes opened to sleep and eat, all the supportive locals, all the people coming to our shows, and of course our excellent booker Catty ... Gratsi, Merci, thanx alot !

The Mindy Misty vs Europ Europ 's/t' album is finally on vinyl, our discography page have been updated ... a slightly different sleeve back design by O ~E ~P and colour inlay by Roy, 250 copies, (EW 22 / HMR 012) ...
We would like to point out that GZ Digital Media didn`t manage to deliver us our promised and exspensively paid for vinyls the 2nd of September, when Mindy Misty vs Europ Europ entered GZ digital media factory for a promised guided tour and 250x vinyl edition of 's/t' ... the fuckers didn`t even seem to care about the fact that the entire tour was based on promoting this vinyl, and that MMvsEE now had to make it without it (luckily we already had printed a CD edition to bring along the tour ...)
... Etch Wear will never print there again, and recommend everybody to think twice before doing any business with this shit company, there are great US, French (MPO), German (several factories), UK, Swedish and soon Norwegian (there`s one opening in Calmeyers gt. / Oslo, and one opening in Trondheim) vinyl companies ... use any of these instead ... highly recommended !

Updated the links section with new contacts, venues, music stores and artists now related to Etch Wear, and / or recommended by ... enjoy !

Also updated Etch Wear Myspace with loads of pictures from the tour, please go check out !, and the Europ Europ fansite also got loads of new scanned posters, flyers, images etc etc enjoy enjoy

Updated Etchmans Collection ...

not planning to sleep away 2009, so here`s the
Etch Wear agenda fall 2009 ;
EW 23 - the Solar Temple CD
EW 24 - 'sendungen fur das Ausland vol III' CD compilation
...............with Epilektrician, the Solar Temple, Europ Europ, Son Tarjeiav,
...............T + T NN T C, Taming Power, Starbug +++
EW 25 Europ Europ 'tobacco e.p.' 33,3 rpm 7" in collaboration with TOT, O ~ E ~ P is working on the sleeve art, hope for a january 2010 release party, venue TBA

also there will be an Etch Wear label-night/ mixtape club/ Dj`s aus Europ Europ and live acts coming up, hopefully november 13th 2009, venue TBA

More updates with detailed information to come ... mr. Wearman

29 ~ August ~ 2009

cat. no. EW pitch 22 pro / HMR 012 promo : LP ~ Mindy Misty vs Europ Europ 's/t' ~ 10 copies white label testpress promo issued today by Handmade and Etch Wear, LP sounds beautifull, so look forward for the 2nd of september LP release party at Chapeau Rouge, Prague

Mindy Misty vs Europ Europ are playing a gig tonight at Funhouse, Oslo, their european mini-tour kick off show, be sure to come, and also get Succuba and Far From Tellus served on a plate, all presented by Handmade Records and yours truly Etch Wear, see u !!!

Events section updated ...

For some new posters and more frequent updates on the Mindy Misty vs Europ Europ tour go to the official Europ Europ fan-site

18 ~ August ~ 2009

Another Mindy Misty vs Europ Europ show confirmed, at Funhouse in Oslo, 28 ~ August ~ 2009 ... support TBA

17 ~ August ~ 2009

Mindy Misty vs Europ Europ performed live at Kanalrock 2009 this weekend, go to the official fan-site to read more

Updated the events section with a new venue for the European Tour of Mindy Misty vs Europ Europ : @ Chapeau Rouge on the 2nd of september, in Prague, Czech Republic. This will be the release party for the vinyl LP version of 's/t' (HMR 012 / EW 22) album 2009

We are looking for local alternative / experimental / indie bands for the support spot, and /or Dj(s), if you live in Prague (or close) and want to play with us, please take contact

01 ~ August ~ 2009

Updated the Events section ...

Also our friend and photographer Stian Evensen took loads of cool pictures at the Revolver release-party, here`s a little sneak preview;

we`ll be back with more later

09 ~ July ~ 2009.

Big update ...

Our band Europ Europ has updated their official fan site GO HERE ... they are going on an European 2009 tour with their Mindy Misty vs Europ Europ project ... dates also added to our events section

They will also play at the legendary Kanalrock Festival in Horten, Norway, 14 + 15 august 2009 together with bands like Kort Prosess, Statens Menn, DePress, Bøyen Beng, Årabrot, Succuba +++ come back for more details, or watch www.myspace.com/europeurop

Also, finally a date for the LP version of EW 22 Mindy Misty vs Europ Europ 'same/title'; released 2nd of September 2009, Etch Wear + Handmade Records . This first edition will be printed in 250 copies black vinyl w/ inlay and picture sleeve, sealed and stickered.
go to www.handmaderecords.net to order

17 ~ April ~ 2009

Some new design changes, and site features, art by O ~ E ~ P as usual, but from now updates by mr. Wearman, new head of the Etch Wear staff ...

02 ~ April ~ 2009

O ~ E ~ P updated the site with new links, new gallery photos, new discography, and some minor changes to art and design ...

also ; there`s a new radio show that air in New York + Internet called radio23, be sure to tune in on sundays between 18:00 and 20:00 (Norwegian time !), when our friends dj Stone and Dj Aaby have a live show called 'Oslo Oslo radio 23' presenting their fave artists and bands, the show is made in Oslo... they play a lot of Etch Wear releases, and we have been invited to do a special show later this spring ... stay tuned !

listen here

14 ~ February ~ 09

updated the events section with info on the upcoming release-party for the Mindy Misty vs. Europ Europ 's/t' CD

06 ~ February ~ 09

:-D finally ...
new release on Etch Wear :

Mindy Misty vs. Europ Europ 's/t' CD / cat. no. EW 22, 515 copies printed in Australia 10 tracks written, recorded, mixed and produced by MM vs. EE 2008, mastered by Kramer ...

go to www.handmaderecords.net to order, vinyl version is out spring 2009

03 ~ 10 ~ 08

updated the Gallery section with new photos for 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008 ... enjoy !

also, check out this lo-fi video presentation of O ~ E ~ P at EtchWearVideos
includes selected collages, paintings and photos, as well as album-sleeves and posters, soundtrack to the art slide-show include Yob ~ 'boy (edit)', Son Tarjeiav ~ 'the throne', T+T Ni-ni Tongue Choir ~ 'big animal (Dj`s aus Europ Europ remix)' and Europ Europ 'leaving home' ...

30 ~ 09 ~ 08

O - E - P has made a video commercial to promote the forthcoming Handmade Records and Etch Wear release Mindy Misty vs. Europ Europ 's/t' LP / CD / Digital check it out at tubeyou : Mindy Misty vs Europ Europ 'album teaser'

also check out the new Europ Europ 'too much tobacco (say no)' music video

12 ~ 09 ~ 08

check it out : Europ Europ redesigned fanpages

04 ~ 09 ~ 08

u never thought it would happen, but ; finally updated again ... lots of news on Mindy Misty, and Europ Europ

first of : be sure to catch Mindy Misty live on their upcoming China-tour, if you`re in China that is ...

Don`t think we`ve forgotten about the Mindy Misty vs. Europ Europ album, have patience, meanwhile enjoy the teasers we`ve put out on our myspaces ; 'stabbed by a woman' and 'drama king' here, 'leaving home' and 'girls on earth' here ... enjoy

Europ Europ made 3 different cd-r promos (no label) in ltd. editions and gave away/sold them at Vaffelfuzz, unique envelope sleeves by O - E - P : 'tobacco e.p.'/ 'Europ Europ sampler' and a Dj`s aus Europ Europ remix-cd inc. their Duran Duran, Bel Canto, Solar Temple and Svalandpusten remixes ... future sought after collectables for sure

also go check out our Europ Europ fanpages, heavily updated discography and recorded sessions list, and a new "live-list", also new links and images ... enjoy !

21 - 06 - 08

Mindy Misty vs. Europ Europ will be playing at Waffelføzz festivalen 2008, in Drammen; Norway ... the event is on an outdoor scene and other good acts are playing as well, go to Drammen the 12th of july ! See u ....

btw : their album is mixed , and on it`s way to Kramer (Ween, Butthole Surfers) for mastering ... aye, the LP/CD/Download release is right around the corner ... tracks include 'drama king', 'force feed', 'no one', 'leaving home', dead talk' and their Duran Duran cover 'girls on / earth' +++ a total of 38 mins of contemporary indie-metal and experimental noise, Handmade Records HMR 12 / Etch Wear EW 22

25 - 02 - 08 (II)

Mindy Misty vs. Europ Europ will be playing at Loppen, in Copenhagen / Denmark, the 27th of february, doing support for the Bugs (US) and our friends, legendary Trumans Water (US) with a fresh album out ... hope we see u there !

25 - 02 - 08 (I)

Phew, how time flies by ... been busy, been some months of various working, but no time for the internet ... some updates, finally:

Mindy Misty vs. Europ Europ

Our own Europ Europ teamed up for a concert with Mindy Misty the 12th of October 2007, at 'Storgata 9' in Oslo, with Laconic Zero, Bong Madeira, Yto and Stein Holtet ... it was a mascerade for Linda`s birthday ... they played 2 songs by Mindy Misty ('phonic perversion' and 'guinea pig'), a Duran Duran cover (their special "medley" : 'girls on earth'), a Stevie V' cover ('dirty cash') and two new songs by Mindy Misty vs. Europ Europ : 'force feed' and 'leaving home' ... the concert was taped, check out 'phonic perversion' at you-tube ...
November 2007, they teamed up again for yet another recording session, with the result of 15 sketches / tracks during the weekend ... songs include 'force feed', 'leaving home', 'girls on earth', we planned a release late 2007, but the new material needed more development, so ... later, alligators ! Look forward

! and then ... late but; happy new year 2008 :-D

In january O-E-P helped out with a modell of a house for the new Animal Alpha video ...
he`s also been busy doing decorations for Kill Tech`s new members-only nightclub Polygon; location is secret, and invites happens through the jungle-telegraph only, lots of cool dj`s and cheap beer from 03:00 to 08:00 for those not able to sleep ...
O - E - P is currently doing art for the new album by Mindy Misty vs. Europ Europ

Mindy Misty vs. Europ Europ concert played another gig the 23rd of february (only 2 days ago) at Mandelbrot, Oslo ... one of 6 venues for the festival by;alarm 2008 (an alternative to the commercial music-industry festival by:larm), and played with Magnus Moriarty and Now We Got Members ... stay tuned for videos on youtube soon ... by the way, Etch Wear loves the new Now We Got Members 2xLP/CD 'then is just another kind of now', on Metronomicon Audio ... we recomend !!!

ok ... up to date again ... lets check back to see for how long ?

yours, mr. Etch

07 - 05 - 07

breaking news; Europ Europ regrouped for a new project with Mindy Misty (Handmade Records) ... songs will be released as Misty Europ, and the two bands recorded 3 hours of contemporary noise this weekend, so stay tuned for upcoming shows and vinyls later this year ... a track will also finf it`s way for the upcoming 7" compilation 'the Conspiracy issue 2' by Etch Wear + Killtech + Handmade Records ...

updated the Events-section; a club concept by Etch Wears friends at Killtech records called Retroit, is launched the 16th of may, at Sjokoladefabrikken, art-decorations by Retroit and O - E - P of Etch Wear ... invitations only ... see u

also updated our Duran Duran pages ...

22 - 02 - 07

check it out ... Etch Wear at myspace ! ... 4 mp3`s, pictures, and all of our friends linked ... it took a while, but a computer-park update was badly needed (we didn`t even have a cd-rom on our previous 1999-model laptop), but now we can transform the back-catalogue to mp3`s

so check back often, and feel free to download tracks, there will be sudden changes, make sure you collect all the limited edition and promo tracks only, who knows when they`ll be printed on vinyl ...

Other great news; Europ Europ has been a-listed for two months on KZSU radio, USA ... a review of their latest CD ; 'cruising springtime ... AKA the greatest hits' was made by Dj Your Imaginary Friend ... they are listed under classical / experimental ... thumbs up !

There is also a new mp3 on this site, check mp3 page for the Solar Temple - 'bloodline' from the yet to be released debut album 'moonshine box' (EW 15) out ?

By the way, have you bought the new Mindy Misty album, out on Handmade Records ? You should !

11 - 02 - 07

check it out ... Europ Europ at myspace ! ... loads of cool pictures (some borrowed from our site) and some nice mp3s for you; fans and friends ... and also a link to a review of their latest album 'cruising springtime with europ europ is a lot of fun AKA greatest hits' ...

02 - 02 - 07

www etch wear dot com ........02 - 02 - 02 ~ 02 - 02 - 07........ 5 yrs today !

01 - 01 - 07

happy new year !

30 - 12 - 06

Thorby 30 yrs today ...

06 - 12 - 06

Bo my man 31 yrs today ...

22 - 11 - 06

nada new ... later !

11 - 11 - 06

updated the Etch Wear discography with the new Europ Europ (single disc edition) release ...

06 - 11 - 06

updated our Duran Duran pages ...

23 - 10 - 06

BREAKING NEWS ; one Europ Europ member has fled the country; new location Portland, US ... he has formed a new band called Americ Americ ... more news to come ... band already working on a new album, working title 'leaving home' (AKA 'greatest hits volume 2'), but under what band-name ?

in a newsletter Europ Europ promise their fans in despair; " ... we`re not leaving home forever ", and " ... enjoy life ... we will !"

other news; our friends at handmade records has a new record out, solo-album by Sebadoh`s Eric Gaffney, CD 'uncharted waters' MR -007, buy it !

20 - 10 - 06

wohooo ... finally, Etch Wear proudly presents Europ Europ 'cruising springtime with europ europ is a lot of fun' (aka 'greatest hits');

cat. no. EW20; ltd. 22x numbered 3" + 5" cd-edition, in special sleeves made by the band, includes the bonus disc (3") 'the not so greatest hits' .
cat. no. EW20-2; 5" cd-edition in special transparant sleeves
cat. no. EW 20-2b; 5" cd , jewel case cd sleeves, booklet, "second edition" order

16 - 10 - 06

Europ Europ met at Maggis residence last weekend and compiled their "greatest" album, and added a couple of new tracks as well + the previously unreleased original version of 'danish ferry', recorded live at the sad cafe ... (a sample from this recording was released on (EW 11-1) 7" + 10" album 'no , one in germany' 2002) ... the covers are being made as we speak, the first 22 copies in special envelope art sleeves ... look forward !!!

.....................~ Ø. Aurstad 1999 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,~ O - E - P 2004 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,~ Catty 2006

various promos (EW pitch 20 pro) available now ...

13 - 10 - 06

friday 13th ...

29 - 09 - 06

we`ve been gone, yes we know, for a long long time, but we`ve been working hard, and are proud to present a new release on Etch Wear, the long anticipated ; Europ Europ 'cruising springtime with europ europ is a lot of fun' (aka 'greatest hits'); cat. no. EW20, CD, a compilation of their best tracks from 1995 - 2005 ... there will be a limited edition double-disc set (EW20-2), with loads of rarities and un-released material as well ... completists will need both, yes we know, it`s cynical, but hey hey we want your dirty cash ...

a promo sampler (EW20 Pitch PRO) will be issued next week, the album is scheduled for an October 20th ~ 2006 release ... front-sleeve by Øystein Aurdal ... we will update the discography page next week

also updated Etchmans Duran Duran pages ...

26 - 08 - 06

hi there friends ... done the usual small improvements and lay out changes, just so you`ll have some suprises each visit ...

be sure to check out our Muzak section, as we are proud to present some new acts like A`rash A`rash and Svalandpusten ...

22 - 08 - 06

lots of new links and a new mp3 ... o`yea ... check out our mp3 section and find Svalandpusten '' (Dj`s aus Europ Europ remix) ... previously unreleased ...

21 - 08 - 06

well, just here to say we love you, and that we`re working on the second Conspiracy issue, FINALLY ! ...

Mindy Misty`s debut album will be out soon on Handmade Records ... vinyl test pressing`s already printed ...

also we recommend the new Seigmen double-dvd ...

09 - 08 - 06

Next Life, Single Unit, Årabrot, X - Lover + + + are playing at Spasibar !!! TONIGHT!!! ... as part of Klubb Øya-festivalen 2006 ... we`ll be there ... see u !

08 - 08 - 06

Tuva turns 5 today ...

01 - 08 - 06

"... ok, so where have you been, you lazy bastards ? ... "

had a loooong vacation ... but all good things have to end, and when the cashflow ends ... it`s back to work !!!

this summer we`ve met some old friends ... been hanging around Etch Wear`s old hometown; Tønsberg, located on the south shore of Norway ... it`s been hot, getting a nice tan while drinking a lot of beers, cruising the islands of inner Oslofjorden with bbq and good friends ... oh life can be good, very good ...

Etchman has found lots of new records for his collection, he finally found 'confide in me' (the only really good Kylie Minogue production, but phew, what a production indeed ... goosebumps ... ), some the Fall re-issues, the Knife 12"`s ... and loads of Duran Duran as usual ... viva la vinyl !!!

"... ok, booring ... so what`s new ? ..."

we`ve done some site clean - ups ... erased some stuff ... added some new artze and photos (check out the gallery section ... ) and other minor changes ... added some new links ...

updated the events section with some recommended Next Life shows in Oslo ... check it out !

we have a new band; A-rash A-rash, with members from We Are Satans People, Europ Europ and Sunscreened Gone ... material in the making .... look forward

and lots under construction ... check back soon for more info ...

" ... ok ... whatever ..."