Europ Europ i andre medier: 003

Here is Mäx Lachaud yet again:

Based in Oslo, Europ Europ start his story in the year 1996-1997; First, focused on improvisation including external featurings, the project become a duo at the beginning of the 2000's and release a first vinyl in 2002. With Mellowharsher EP, the beginning of the love story between the label Enfant Terrible and the Norwegian band. Their sound is characterized essentually by using organ sound passed in distortion pedal, which create a very singular atmosphere, ritual, hypnotic, unhealthy. They add samples, guitar sound, rythms, treated with very dirty sound like from old recording K7 found. The tracks are repetitive and the voices add to the trance. More noisy than Mellowharsher which express some melancoly, Repeating Mistakes is definitevely closer to the indus Lo-Fi scene of the 80's. Some tracks could remember the home made EP of Cabaret Voltaire in the middle of the 70's like in the anthology box Methodology 74/78:Attic Tapes (particulary "Long Play"). The atmospheres can be clinical and mental ("22 22"), haunting and disturbed ("Pre Lies"), mysterious and hallucinatory ("Oman Disco"), cosmic and cavernous ("Hearing Aid"). It's tiny noise music for drunk voices. But this sound has something addictive, as proof the strange "Ladies", enumeration of actresses names guided by organ and drum cluder.
- Mäx Lachaud, 74% (2014).

thanx to Greg for the translation

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