Here is the first interview we did with Europ Europ about a week ago, hereby transcribed/translated into English.

It's a very light kind of interview, about the EE members various favorite things (food, movies and so on).

Nickname: Mr. Luv
Birthplace: Electro Beach
Hobby: Collecting records, Duran Duran completist
Instruments in EE: Organ, drum machine, bass sequencer, 12"-10"s, sampler
Other instruments: Acoustic guitar, radio disharmony, cymbals

food: Spaghetti
movies: Everything with Harvey Keitel, Bruce Willis or Woody Harrelson
actor: See previous answer
artist: Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Banksy
book: 1984, Lord of the barnyard, Det angår også deg
author: Charles Bukowski
reading: 80s pop magazines, newspapers
band/musician: Throbbing Gristle, KLF and everything in-between
TV: music videos and documentaries

Nickname: Jane Feel The Rain
Birthplace: Svalbo
Hobby: saving things
Instruments in EE: Harp, vocals, fiddle, viola, effects
Other instruments: Tree stick

food: Whole-grain bread with brown cheese [Norwegian staple food]
movies: Exploitation (Edwin Brianen)
actor: Jack Harrier
artist: OEP/Espen Lomsdalen/Elin Eriksen
book: 1984, The Secret Little Travel to Space
author: Astrid Lindgren
reading: Amta [Norwegian local newspaper]
band/musician: Portishead/Fever ray/The Residents
TV: Uti vår hage [Norwegian sketch comedy TV show]

Nickname: Bacon/Hambirger
Home: Svalbo
Hobby: making things
Instruments in EE: Cello, vocals, effects, noise machine, boombox
Other instruments: Theremin (wedding)

food: Bløtkake [sponge cake with whipped cream] and "kneipp" [whole wheat bread]
movies: The Fox and the Hound/Hard Asphalt
actor: Lillebjørn Nilsen
artist: Svalandpusten and OEP
book: The Hardy Boys/On the Road/1984/Hard Asfalt
author: Roald Dahl/Franklin W. Dixon/Ida Halvorsen
reading: Logo/Bravo/Topp
band/musician: Kurt Klein (German composer)
TV: Tippekampen [English football (NRK), on the air from 1969-1995]/Dagsrevyen [the daily evening news programme for NRK1, the main channel of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK)]

"Norwegian favourite artists (goes for all three EE members):

Mindy Misty, Far From Tellus, Burning Motherfuckers, Izakaya Heartbeat, Le Corbeau, Biologisk Helt Feil, Epikurs Euforie, Invisible bees, soft as snow, We Are All Alone Here And We Are Dead, Laconic Zero, Psykhopharmaka, Insomnia, Wolf, Kjøttmeisel, Oilskin, Dross the Drone + friends of Norway: [The Dutch band] Distel.

Labels/record companies: Enfant terrible, handmade records, etch wear, norway rat records, T23, addictive pharma muzak, kalall TM, BCC, Geertruida."